The problem of pressure drop in the pre-matrix chamber of the pasta press and ways to eliminate it.

I would like to draw attention to the wear of the auger blades .

Novice pasta producers may not know that during the operation of the press, the auger blades and the inner wall of the auger chamber gradually wear out. This phenomenon has a negative effect on the operation of the press , on the properties of dough and pasta .

The wear of the surface of the screw blade along the outer diameter, as well as the inner surface of the screw chamber, leads to an increase in the gap between the screw and the chamber .

With an increase in the gap above 1.0 mm, the return of the dough into the gap formed between the screw and the pipe sharply increases, as a result of which the pressing pressure drops, and intensive grinding of the dough occurs as a result of the mechanical destruction of gluten.

Eliminating the gap on different presses is done in different ways. In some designs, it is enough to replace only the sleeve on the pipe. Basically, the design of the press is such that both the screw and the pipe need to be repaired. To do this, coils are welded on the screw and the pipe is machined inside the surface. It is important to know that over time, the diameter inside the pipe increases and pipe repair becomes impossible. In this case, you need to order a new pair: pipe-auger.